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Rose Tyler Appreciation Week

↳ day six: the arc you loved the most

After being shown a ‘better way of living your life’ by the Doctor in Series 1, Rose’s arc continues as she begins to become a hero in her own right. Albeit with a shaky (but nevertheless courageous!) start, Rose steadily gains independence and success in her travels, improving her investigative, problem-solving and leadership skills. This culminates in her being named Defender of the Earth after she sacrifices her life with the man she loves to save her planet. This arc continues into Series 4 and comes full-circle as she takes on the role of the Doctor in the finale.

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favourite character meme

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url-inspired graphic for petiteclara

url-inspired graphic for petiteclara

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billie piper on the chris moyles show

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Go on, say it. Most people do.

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You see what he has turned me into? You kill him and I will help you destroy a thousand planets.

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"No one upsets my mum!"

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Clara Oswald in “Into the Dalek”