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six favorite pictures → Catherine Tateasked by ridleyduchannes

six favorite pictures → Catherine Tate
asked by ridleyduchannes

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Catherine Tate trying to guess David Tennant’s Harry Potter character (x

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Catherine Tate: Laughing at the Noughties

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it’s Catherine Tate’s last scenes as Donna - having to have her mind wiped of all her time with the Doctor in order to survive - that ultimately stomps on my stoney heart. 

A far cry from Catherine herself, who was clearly having a whale of a time with the audience in the panel following the episodes. It’s obvious that the Doctor Who fans love her - and rightly so. 


Catherine couldn’t recall what the Sontarans were called, thinking they were actually the Sultanas. And that, when filming with them, it wasn’t until cut was called that she realised there were real people inside them. 

My personal highlight was her slight slip at referencing the episode she was in with Anthea Turner - when she meant Agatha Christie. 

She knew what she was doing and the audience lapped it up - and quite right too. 

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More than anything I’ve done, it will live on – because the fans keep all things Doctor Who alive. (x)

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